E-BOOK  vs. The ServSafe® 7th Edition Manager Book?

Our Food Safety Managers E-BOOK is for those students who have been working in the Food Service industry for a while. That student probably would have become proficient at their responsibilities concerning the safe handling of food. Our E-BOOK is a comprehensive but condensed version of any Food Safety Managers course book. The E-BOOK would also be appropriate for those students that are Re-Certifying their ServSafe Certification and feel like they would need a thorough review of the material.

The ServSafe® 7th Edition Manager Book would be for those students who are new to the Food Service Industry, especially if they are new to the industry and new to Food Service management. It covers critical principles including: personal hygiene, cross contamination, time and temperature, receiving and storage, food safety management systems, training hourly employees, and more. ServSafe classroom training is accepted in all 50 states for regulatory requirements regarding Food Safety Managers Certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Achieving a successful score on the ServSafe exam is less about which study material you choose and more about the students understanding and willingness to study and prepare for the class and exam.

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